Birthday Parties





Commemorative Party Mug

Creative, great fun and excitement!

That is what our parties are all about!!!

Suitable for all, you get to create something special, exploring your inner talent, all while celebrating with your friends.



Our party sessions are held on Saturdays and Sundays at either 10:30am-12:00pm or 2:30pm-4:pm (only 1 session per day).

All our parties are now booked as with a normal painting session with the number of children attending, including assisting adults (max two), and setting your own budget on pieces they can choose from as well as the £5 studio fee for ceramic parties. Make A Teddy parties have a set price.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions and downsizing as a result of the Corona Virus, we are no longer able to offer dedicated Party areas with a party co-ordinator. Parties of 14 or more will, however, have exclusive use of the studio. 

With all our parties, we still allow you to serve food. These must be individual party food boxes and served in the last half hour once we have cleared your tables. We also allow a cake to be presented in the last half hour. All party food boxes must be taken with the children when they leave.

Set your own budget for the bisque piece to be painted plus a £5 studio fee per person. Minimum of 8 guests. Birthdays of 6 years and over. Two assisting adults to please attend. The birthday child will receive a complimentary personalised Painted Ceramic  Birthday Card to commemorate their day with us. Booked as a normal painting session at one of our two time slots on either a Saturday or a Sunday. (See info above)

Ceramic Party Pieces

Ceramic Party Pieces

Paint for 1Hour with the last half hour for serving your own food. Food must be individually pre-prepared food boxes for each child.

All ceramic pieces are left with us to glaze and fire and reveal their amazing creations. They can then be collected 10 days later.




MAKE A TEDDY  parties
£23 per head, minimum 10 guests. Birthdays of 6 Years and over.

Booked as with a normal painting session at one of the two set time slots on a Saturday or Sunday. Two assisting adults to please attend. Guidance is provided on how to create their fluffy friend at each stage of decorating the ceramic badge, decorating the t-shirt and stuffing the furry friend.

Make A Teddy Parties

Have great fun making your favourite Fluffy Friend.

You and your friends will decorate and put your fluffy friend’s name on a ceramic badge. Then decorate their T Shirt with special fabric pens, before finally bringing them to life with magic ‘stuff fluff’.  You will leave with your fluffy friend in their own Take Home Carrier Bag . Sooo Exciting for them!! (And for you too)

Our ‘Make A Teddy’ parties are 1hr 30 min, with the last half hour for serving your party food. All party food is to be provided in individually prepared party food boxes.Take Home Box

To book a Ceramic or Teddy party please fill in the form on our ‘BOOK A PARTY’ page and submit it. We will be in touch to discuss and confirm your booking

Please note, we welcome all kinds of parties, not just birthday parties and for all ages. Any reason for a celebration, ‘Lets’ Party’.

For more information please email us at or call 01737 844815
Or just pop in of course!!