How it works

At Calli’s Corner we offer Paint Your Own Ceramics, Foam Clay decorating on ceramic bisque, Make A Teddy (includes decorating a ceramic name badge and t Shirt for teddy and a special take home carrier bag) Glass Fusion and Clay Workshops. 


Paint your own ceramics

To explain how it works!

For Painting, we have a studio fee of £5 (Once off fee. Choose a second piece and you don’t pay another £5) which covers all the paints you use for your piece, stickers and stencils used, use of our brushes and the glazing and firing of your pieces. You then choose what you wish to paint from our large selection of bisque pieces and PAINT.

For Creating with Foam Clay, there is a £5 Foam Fee, plus the cost of the ceramic piece you choose to decorate. The foam fee is payable per piece. It’s as simple as that!! (For parties, please see our parties page)

Calli's Corner Leatherhead Studio

Painting Ceramics

We have plenty of great samples to help inspire you, and our expert advice to get you on your way.

Ceramic Bisque Pieces

Pieces start from as little as £3 up to £30. With a selection of plates, mugs, vases, characters, animals, money boxes etc, there is plenty to choose from.

We now have a mini café for fabulous Speciality Coffees and Hot Chocolate, as well as a selection of muffins, cookie and other snacks. We offer complimentary juice for the kids but other canned drinks and water or flavoured water is available from the café.  YUMMY! (Only available at our Surrey Studio)

Butterfly money box



A painting session usually last between 1 to 2 hours, but can be longer if needs be, unless it is during our peak times, where you will need to hurry along as we limit the session to 2 hours.

When your piece is completed, you leave it with us to glaze and fire it for you and collect it up to a week later. We will let you know when  it is ready. Foam Clay pieces you take home on the day.

Painted Ceramics

Glazed Paint Your Own Ceramics

If you are not local or can’t collect, not to worry, we  can post it to you for a very small postage cost.


Glazed Fairy

To make it even more exciting visiting us at Paint You Own Ceramics with Calli’s Corner in Surrey, we are now also offering our amazing GLASS FUSION workshops and sessions (Suitable for 14 years and up). So now you can choose between painting ceramics or designing a special glass piece. Available at our Surrey Studio only.

Glass Fusion Sessions – Mondays 10.30am-12.30pm- £35 minimum spend- Create your own designs with full instruction from us.

Glass Fusion Workshops- Thursdays 1pm-3pm- £35 per workshop. Create a set piece/s with full instruction from us. 

Blue Glass Fusion Picture Frame Glass Fusion Beach sceneMulticoloured Glass Fusion Picture Frame





Now that you know how it works, we look forward to welcoming you to Paint Your Own Ceramics with Calli’s Corner.

Feel free to call us or pop into our Surrey and Kent Studios any time to chat or to discuss any requirements.(See our ‘Contact us’ page)