Imprints, Castings and Fingerprint Jewellery

Professional Ceramic and 2D Stone Imprints, 3D Casting, Fingerprint Jewellery and Imprint Crystal Glass Gifts by Calli’s Corner

Calli’s Corner has specialised in the creation of professional Imprints and Castings of babies, toddlers, adults and pets for the last 16 years. For more information and to view our extensive ranges or to book an appointment, visit our main website at

At Calli’s Corner we strive to bring you a quality product, crafted using the best materials sourced from around the world, and finished with that personal touch and all at a very competitive price.
Constantly striving to maintain an extremely high standard of workmanship, coupled with an exceptionally professional service, with Calli’s Corner you can expect to get exactly what you are looking for in a perfect keepsake .

Ceramic Imprints

Ceramic Imprints Clock

 2D Ceramic Imprints

Ceramic 2D Special - 2 Kids

2D Stonecast Impressions

2D Stonecast Imprints with photo

3D Castings

3D Double Framed Casts

Family 3D Castings

3D Family casting on an engraved slate base

Fingerprint Jewellery

Heart Ascending Fingerprint Pendants


Imprint JewellerySquare imprints cufflinks

Pawprint Jewellery


Rectangle small pendant -Paw

2D Stonecast Pawprint


Crystal Glass Gifts

Crystal Imprints Barrel Vase


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