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Little people

Babies, Toddlers and Under 4s

We absolutely adore our ‘Little People’, having specialised in hand and foot imprints, 3D castings etc of babies and toddlers, we have loved working with them for the last 16 years.

This is a great opportunity to capture your little one’s hands and feet, created by you (with a little help from us of course) on your favourite piece of ceramic bisque. Be it on a heart plaque, plate, mug or the belly of an owl, it will be made by you and therefore all that more special. Imprints 2

Mums/Dads with babies or toddlers are welcome any time, but why not come as a group during the week, be it an NCT group or you with friends and family, just book a session stating the number of adults and babies attending.


Under 4’s , sometimes the most creative of them all, love attending a session of ‘Paint your own ceramics’, expressing themselves through colour and splitter/splatter, creating beautiful works of art, while spending a little ‘bonding time’ with mum or dad.

Paint your own ceramics- Little People

Paint your own ceramics-Under 4's



‘Little People’ group sessions are a great opportunity to meet others, relax and chat about life’s experiences, while creating your masterpiece. If you wish to capture your little one’s hand and foot prints on a bisque piece, we can assist and advise you so as to get the best imprint you can. If you would like us to take the imprints for you, we will do the first two imprints free of charge, thereafter, we change £3.00 per imprint. 


However, if you fancy just coming along to paint something for yourself, leaving little one asleep while you paint and take a bit of ‘time out’ for yourself, you will find painting the ceramics extremely therapeutic.DDP_0008

Imprints 3

Booking is essential for group ‘Little People’ sessions.

Please book for groups here ‘Book a session’ and stipulate that you would like to book a ‘Little People’ group session, stipulating numbers.


After School Kids Club – Apologies but our after school club is suspended for the moment!  

After School Club

After School Club

Our after school club is run weekly, on a Tuesday from 3:45pm to 4:45pm.

Term time only, for ages 6 and up.

£38.00 per month

We can recommend some lovely nearby venues for parents to grab a ‘cuppa’, while waiting for your kids to finish their class.

It is perfect for those avid enthusiasts who just love painting ceramics. Learning new techniques and partaking in exciting adventurous projects.

Exclusive to our after school club, they will be taught fabulous painting techniques using specialist paints and tools (Not available for use at normal sessions) to transform their ceramic pieces into wonderful pieces of art, perfect for displaying at home or giving as a special gift.

Not only Ceramics, kids will work on projects incorporating clay building, stamping, sgraffito, foam clay, mosaics and more. 

Instead of a limited time within which to finish their pieces, as with our normal painting sessions, they will start a project, which will be completed over a two week period. Thereafter, they will embark on another new adventurous project.

To book your child’s place call us on 01737844815 or fill in the contacts form HERE and stipulate ‘After School Club’ and we will be in touch.

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