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Little People

If you want to take a special keepsake home with you but question your very own artistic flare, we have the perfect opportunity for you! Introducing our Little People sessions, where you can bring your little one along and have their hand and footprints printed professionally onto your chosen bisque ware and leave it for us to decorate for you! We do all the hard work for you, all you have to do it book a slot.

Our Little People slots are available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at our Newdigate Studio, and are only available on Wednesdays here at our Dorking studio! During school holidays it is available at our Newdigate studio only. Unfortunately, we do not offer this service on the weekend!

Single Imprint, name and age plus basic decoration – £10 plus the cost of the bisque piece. Additional Imprints on the same piece of bisque – £3 each.

Character Imprints! Let us convert the imprint into a gorgeous Robin or friendly Dinosaur, or a cute little Bunny or Chick at Easter and a Reindeer at Christmas. £10 extra per piece for a character conversion.

Drop us an email for further information or book your 30 minute Little People slot below! Bookings are for individual customers or families only. If you are wanting more than three pieces, please book a double slot.

  • Printing toddler hand onto a plate
  • Toddler getting footprint on a plate
  • Toddler getting a hand-print
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