Pottery Throwing Sessions

Glazed ceramic pottery

Let Your Hands Do The Talking

  • Learning To Throw A Pot
  • Throwing A Cylinder
  • A Pottery Throwing Experience
Pottery Throwing

A Craft Everyone Would Love To Try!

No Need For Perfection, Just Have A Go!

Our Pottery Throwing sessions are so much fun and yes, you will get dirty. Learn to throw a cylinder or perhaps a bowl or a plate and hopefully end up with something that resembles just that. However, be prepared for many ‘Wonky Pots’ or ‘Designer Bowls’ as some would describe, but a truly enjoyable experience creating them.


A Pottery Throwing Experience

Look What I Made!

£60 per person and a minimum of two Potters for a 2 hour session, you will get to throw up to three pots or bowls in a session. As we only have two wheels we can only accommodate a maximum of two potters per session. Price includes tuition, tea and coffee, clay and firing of up to three pieces, should you be successful with producing all three. Most people do, so Be Inspired!


Throwing on a wheel

Lovely Wavy Rim, I'm Happy With That.

You will then leave them with us to be fired to bisque, approximately one week later. Once fired, you can choose to either come into the studio to paint them at a cost of £10 per person plus a firing fee of £7 per two pieces, or we can provide you with one of our Paint @ Home Boxes to paint them in the comfort of your own home at a cost of £5 per person plus the £7 firing fee per two pieces.

Session Times

Throwing A Bowl

Mondays and Thursdays


Friday Evening


Saturday Morning



Very Happy Potters
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